HomeCare 1st Choice in Supporting Independence

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I recommend HomeCare every chance I get

Client receiving home care

I absolutely love living in my own home. There is something special about being surrounded by my own things and being in the house where so many memories were made. My children feel the same way when they come and visit too.

I recently became less independent and without HomeCare’s in-home assistance I would not be able to live by myself, in my home which I love.

I am eligible for funded in-home support, so the next question was who’s going to provide this service for me? After talking to friends and family HomeCare seemed like the service provider that would best suit my needs.

My experience with the HomeCare Coordinators and Support Workers has been great. Support Workers are very caring, professional, respectful and helpful, and without exception they always go the extra mile to ensure I’m happy and looked after. I feel comfortable all the time.

An Individual Care Plan was developed with me and my family, to ensure I was getting the help I required. This has proven to be very beneficial as we have identified areas of my day-to-day living that require attention, so measures have been put in place to ensure I have all I need. I recommend HomeCare every chance I get as I couldn’t be happier with them.